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Current Rates and Charges

Flight review: In your aeroplane $400.00
Flight review fee in VH-FYI $300.00 + aircraft at dual rate
Dual instruction VH-FYI $360.00 per hour taco
Instructor hire (your aircraft) $150.00 per hour, minimum charge $200.00
RPL flight test $300.00
PPL flight test $600.00
Night VFR flight test $600.00
Design feature endorsement $200.00
RPL licence endorsement $200.00

Pilots training towards their 200 hour commercial pilots licence:
C172 dual: $330.00 per hour taco time (includes instructor) Instructor hire $110.00 Design feature and RPL endorsements $110.00 Pilots converting from RAA qualifications to initial GA qualification C172 dual: $330.00 per hour taco time (includes instructor) Flight review fee $180.00

Ariel Aviation is a division of Devonport Aviation Pty Ltd
ABN:42 009 581 444 ACN:5009 581 444 est:1986
General Aviation Building, Devonport Airport
PO Box 266, Deloraine TAS 7304