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Wright Brothers learning to fly at Kitty Hawk

Why Fly?

Man has yearned to fly since the dawn of human consciousness. Flying is a skill not possessed by many and a rewarding career option. Ariel Aviation is staffed by flying addicts, we would love to teach you to fly and if you have made it to reading this page then we would like to meet.

Ariel Aviation train from beginning through to commercial pilots licence and we recognise all prior experience where legislation permits and welcome pilots transitioning from RAA Aus qualifications.

I used to drift about life aimlessly with no direction and little joy ....
Then I discovered my heroin, it is called flying and it opened up new worlds to me. You too can do it too.
Use the "Learn" links to discover the types of licence qualifications we teach.

Ariel Aviation is a division of Devonport Aviation Pty Ltd
ABN:42 009 581 444 ACN:5009 581 444 est:1986
General Aviation Building, Devonport Airport
PO Box 266, Deloraine TAS 7304