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Recreational Pilots Licence

The Recreational pilots Licence can be considered the first in the licence suite of Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) issued pilots licences.

For those of you who have never flown before, this licence is the first step towards a private or commercial pilots licence or the end of your training if this licence meets your needs.

The basic recreational pilots licence allows flight within a 20 nauticle mile radius of the departure aerodrome.

Of course you may well wish to travel further than 20 nauticle miles, who wouldn't! The recreational pilots licence allows the addition of a navigation endorsement allowing flight anywhere outside controlled airspane in Australia and a controlled airspace endorsement allowing flight into controlled airspace.

RAA Aus Pilots are given this licence!

In the scheme of things this is quite a new type of pilots licence in that CASA have finally recognised that people with skills gained in ultralights and light personal aircraft can actually fly aeroplanes. This licence will be issued on application to any holder of RAA Aus qualificiations and allows "ultralight" pilots to fly something bigger, namely 4 seat aircraft with a maximum take off weight not exceeding 1500 kG.The proviso is that before flying a VH registered aeroplane a flight review must be undertaken with a CASA approved flying school. Ariel Aviation are more than happy to do this review.

Ariel Aviation specialise in converting RAA Aus pilots over to fly VH registered aircraft and are able to assist with and submit all necessary paperwork to simplify you getting this licence.

RAA Aus pilots will however need an ASIC card prior to this licence being issued. Having an ASIC card is the only way to fulfill CASA requirements of meeting "fit and proper person" to hold an aviation licence.

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