Cradle Mountain panorama
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American Champion Scout aircraft taxying at Launceston Airport

The Scout

A great aircraft. With this aircraft I can engage in my passion of bush flying. Fitted with Alaskan Bushwheels and vortex generators it is a capable short field aircraft and just the ticket for beach and off airport landings. Fitted with an O-360 Lycoming engine and a constant speed prop performance is adequate even when fully loaded. I enjoy it and it is a suitable replacement for VH-DJB, the old 172 I had to reluctantly sell to make way for this toy.

This Scout came from The Department of Conservation and Land Management in Western Australia (CALM, now National Parks), I brought it by tender in 2000. CALM are the biggest operator of American Champion aircraft in the world, they have a fleet of 10 on a 10 year rotation, they buy a brand new one each year and sell the oldest by tender. They use them for fire spotting, a task they are ideally suited to with great visibility, forgiving handling and huge fuel capacity.

Following is a collection of photographs I have snapped over the years.

Scout aircraft on beach Scout aircraft on beach again Camping on coast with Scout Ariel view of Gippsland coast from Scout aircraft Sunset from camp on beach
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