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An aeroplane is just a hunk of metal. Metal folded, riveted, cast, add a bit of plastic, some rubber, a few types of fluid, and the bits become a whole.

I owned DJB for nearly 10 years. it was just a 172, the HK Holden of the skies, the most mass produced aircraft on planet earth, a machine any pilot can fly and any mechanic can fix.

It is hard to sum up feelings when it comes to a bit of metal but in this aircraft I had fun, excitement, fear and just about every other emotion known. Together we flew in clear skies and storms, smooth air and turbulence, great visibility and poor. DJB was not the first plane I owned but it was my first personal plane, something only I flew. Together we logged over 800 hours. To most pilots a 172 is just a can, something to train in, boring to fly. To me a 172 is a really neat plane, just as enjoyable to fly as anything else. To me, this 172 was the best.

Do you miss a hunk of metal when it has gone? Sometimes it is very hard not to give a hunk of metal a personality. VH-DJB is a great aeroplane.

Enjoy Russell!

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